8 Indispensable Ways of Knowing, Growing, and Thriving Through Change

I’ve been drawn to understand how people know and learn since hearing this simple yet powerful statement. Why? Because it is in the process of knowing (i.e., the methods through which knowledge becomes apparent to us) that we shape the way we look at ourselves, others, and our world.

I’m a coach, consultant, and learning facilitator, but at the core of my work is a calling to help people know better, be better, and adapt to different ways of knowing and communicating.

Here are four of eight fundamental sources of knowledge (i.e., self-intelligence) I’ve learned are necessary for living and leading authentically amidst complexity and change:

1. Know your strengths

It’s essential to identify your unique strengths, what you’re good at, what can be expanded to amplify what’s good in other people. Reflect on, connect with, and accept your strengths as a foundation and a guide.

2. Know your weaknesses

Identifying your strengths necessitates honestly exploring your shortcomings, and we all have those. When you know your weaknesses, you can bring people or strategies into your life that will expand your strengths.

3. Know your values

Values are powerful and instructive so long as they’re active, not aspirational. To value something is to place importance on it. Knowing your value system will help you make more positive, meaningful decisions.

4. Know your location

People who demonstrate a strong self-concept and character know where they stand and what they stand for. They are masterful at accurately locating themselves. Are you aligned with and moving toward the best version of yourself?

In Part 2, I’ll cover the last four Ways of Knowing.

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